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Vanessa writes plays, poetry, short stories and novels.

Her plays have been produced for the stage and she performs and records her poetry and short stories. She also writes and edits many of the scripts she voices for commercial and corporate clients.


Vanessa has worked in television production alongside Griff Rhys Jones (Actor/Comedian), Peter Fincham (Talkback,ITV) and started Roughcut TV as Company Manager with Ash Atalla.


"The British Museum had never hosted a music event in its entire history. Africa Live was considered high risk and required a team with great expertise and experience. As production manager of an event with over 25,000 attending, including the Prime Minister, and broadcast live to over ten million, Vanessa was responsible for coordinating the many departments involved from the BBC, the British Museum and the various security teams. Vanessa proved herself able to shoulder a high degree of responsibility and has the capability to organise large scale projects. She possesses excellent people skills, is co operative, takes initiative and is a fantastic team player." TIM PLYMING


"Vanessa presented our parenting documentaries, shot with very little rehearsal time on a tight schedule which involved very young children.

Her intelligence and imagination were evident throughout the shoot. She is thoroughly professional and hard working and remained calm and obliging in some very difficult circumstances." HALINA KIERKUC


"I have lost count of the number of times that I have turned up on a job and been congratulated on having such a considerate and helpful assistant. These unsolicited recommendations have come equally from charities, press, producers and friends. Her public relation skills and ability to deal with a difficult and contradictory schedule are unparalleled. I would unhesitatingly recommend her for any job requiring tact, good humour and willingness. She never complained when insensitive producers called her late in the evening. She is far too qualified to be doing this work for me." GRIFF RHYS JONES

Vanessa has directed and produced over fifteen plays for the theatre and was co founder and co artistic director of SpinStir Women's Theatre Collective.


For her novel 'Break Up Break Down' Vanessa was represented by Maggie Phillips at Ed Victor Literary agency.


The Wild Man Of The Sea written and recorded by Vanessa Lee

Musical arrangement by Kisi Mai Tikaram.


Novel endorsements:


"Intelligent,  humane and refreshingly candid,  Vanessa Lee's "Break Up … Break Down" grabs your heart and won't let go.  A woman's breath-taking, raw, funny and deeply moving journey to understand herself and what love really means.  Lee has given us the epistolary novel for the 21st century -  a kind of Simone de Beauvoir meets Emily Bronte." Kate Triggs, BAFTA Winning Drama Producer at Great Meadows Productions.


"It's a hypnotic read, that you can't put down, yet it constantly​ holds​ your heart and lays your emotions bare." Gaby Roslin, Big Breakfast/BBC London Radio


"There’s lovely writing here in this searing story of emotional distress and betrayal. Compelling. Engaging. Absorbing. Entertaining. Horrifying. A page- turner." 

Break Up Break Down as described by Maggie Phillips, M.D. Ed Victor Literary Agency


"An impressive and accomplished debut." PICADOR


"Completely devastating and really does justice to the complex emotions around a break up. The emotional intensity and rawness is a strength and testament to the power of it. I really liked and admired it." FABER


"An intriguing very well written novel." HEADLINE

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