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Tim Plyming - Board Level Creative Leader and Executive Producer


I have had the pleasure of working with Vanessa on a number of projects with her working in production and as voice-over talent. Vanessa is such a pleasure to work with and flexible and charming in approach - multi-talented in spades sums her up.

Vanessa worked for me on the production of Africa Live at the British Museum - a collaboration with the BBC. Vanessa is a rare mix of skills and very professional in her approach - hard working, dedicated with great attention to detail. She is a great team member and has fantastic interpersonal skills - always charming in approach.


Ash Atalla - TV Producer, The Office, The IT Crowd

I would like to recommend the voice over artist Vanessa Lee who I regularly work with. Most recently, Vanessa has read in parts for live sitcom try outs for my new projects. That these performances happen in front of television broadcasters and commissioners is a mark of the high regard I hold her in. 
Her voice is clear, calm and excellent for telling a story. When auditioning other actors, I have often asked her to read with them – far better performances are coaxed from them with her professional readings as opposed to my stuttering, embarrassed producer efforts. Further, I have also asked her to perform some voice overs on some BBC transmitted shows. 
Reliable, professional and good - I would without hesitation urge you to listen to Vanessa’s showreel and employ her. 

Mark Holownia - Animator/Author

Vanessa was a great find for our recent children's title 'Snapper and the Snow Bunny'. the feedback we have had on the book has been superb so far particularly towards the audio CD which owes a great deal to Vanessa's captivating narration. She is very professional to work with delivering excellent quality work on time. We have already booked her for our next book 'Snapper and Pirate Potbelly' 


James Price, Engagement Manager, AAT

Vanessa brought to life a very technical topic in a way that made it easy for our members to follow.

Tony Husband - Cartoonist

I work with the Environmental Investigation Agency in helping to protect endangered species.I drew these cartoons to show my support for their Save The Tiger campaign. I hope they help.The captions are narrated by the beautiful voice of Vanessa Lee - my grateful thanks, Ness.


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